blood in am phlegm

Am curious to know if anyone else has had blood in their phlegm. Seems like just the last couple days my throat is more sore(8 radiation sessions) and in sthe am I have tinges of blood. Am seeing the dr this morning and will ask him, but wanted to hear from you all.


  • phrannie51
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    Yes....I had blood streaked phlegm...

    during rads....also, when I blew my nose there was blood streaks.  Always mention things to your Drs.....but I think this is totally normal.


  • MrsBD
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    Yes, it is normal and can last months. I asked both my radiation oncologist and ENT. They suggested a humidifier in the bedroom at night. If you get a lot of mucus, you can take a Mucinex type product at night, but they want the mucus to move during the day. Try not to swallow the bloody mucus because it may give you an upset stomach. Drink lots of water to help the mucus loosen.The blood will lessen as time passes, but you may still get mornings when it's there.