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Hi everyone

 i've updated my situation in last comment, pleaseeee reply if possible.

I'm a member of kidney cancer board, not here. This Saturday I'm going to have a D&C using hysteroscopy to remove a polyp in the endometrial line. Here are my questions, how should I be prepared for it? Should I be fast? Does it hurt?  Can I walk or do my routine life right after the D&C is done? Do I need to have a few days off the work? Will it cause bleeding? Your answers and recommendations will be appreciated.







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    Hi, foroughsh

    I'm a lurker on the kidney forum so I kinda know you.  I can't answer your questions from personal experience, but someone who can will be along soon.  We are active here but not quite as much as you are.  I wish you the best as you undergo the procedure.

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    foroughsh, you are welcome to

    foroughsh, you are welcome to our board anytime.  I had a D&C.  I was knocked out for the outpatient surgery.  I don't think I ate or drank past midnight, but they tell you that in the whole prep for the procedure.  Since I was knocked out I had to have someone drive me home and I pretty much just slept the rest of the afternoon.  I know I would have tried to drink lots of fluid to flush the anethesia out of my system but the next day I volunteered to hand out water at a station for a run.  There was some thick, brownish discharge, so I had to wear a light pad. 

    All I missed was the day for the procedure then it was back to livin'! Now, I am very fortunate that I do not have any other health issues, and everyone is different. 

    Hope that helps and please let us know how it all goes.

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    i too had a D&C in oct 2013. As I recall, I did have to fast after midnight and I was tired and kind of drugged up for the rest of the day. There was very little discomfort from the procedure and I did feel well the following day. They told me I might have bleeding for up to a week, but I only had spotting for a day or two. The worse part was waiting for the results.

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    I've had two D&C's to remove polyps.  The first one was done by hysteroscopy in a doctor's office for a benign polyp in 1999.  It did hurt.  It seems like there was some reason the doctor couldn't do normal anesthesia when doing the hysteroscopy.  I may have had a little light conscious sedation, but I stayed awake through it.  The second was done in a hospital in 2010 with no mention of hysteroscopy.  I had normal anesthesia with that one and the D&C wasn't particularly painful.  I may have had slight cramping afterwards.  I can't remember how long I was out of work with either one, but I don't think it was long.  If you have a very active job, you might want to take a day or two off.  If you have an office job, you might not need that.  I don't recall any significant amount of bleeding with either one.  I think you should give yourself a few days to recuperate before exercising, or you might start bleeding.  My doctor had told me that polyps are almost always benign, but my last one wasn't.  I had stage IVb UPSC.  I hope you have one of the benign ones.

    Good luck with yours.  


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    Hi guys
    Thank you all, Now

    Hi guys

    Thank you all, Now with the information you gave me I'm calm down, seems an easy procedure, I'm ready and hopeful that the procedure and pathology will be great.

    Thanks again

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    I don't post here very often but I made a promise to myself that if anyone was facing having this procedure done that I would share my story.  I had a D & C and hysteroscopy done in 2012 to have (what the gyn believed) was  fibroid removed.  It turned out to be ca endometrial cancer stage 1 grade 2...which is pretty good. I went ahead and a hysterectomy and thought all was well.  But I ended up with a positive pelvic wash when I got the path report back after surgery.  My gyn onc dr believes the cancerous cells we're spread during the hysteroscopy into my pelvic area.  She gave me the option to do 3 rounds of chemo  and I chose to go ahead and do it.

    I'm glad I did...it gave me some peace of mind. I guess it's pretty rare that this happens(the hysteroscopy spreading the cells). But it does happen  ( I looked it up and I think they said in about 10 percent of the cases) The procedure itself wasn't that bad... I went to a concert in the evening after I had it done! Anyway, I didn't share this to try to scare you or anything... Chances are it will go just fine. But I wanted you to just be aware.  I had no idea that it was even a possibility.  Good luck and hope you have a very good outcome!



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    Hi all, thanks for your

    Hi all, thanks for your replies. Today was the day. Everything was fine, no pain, no problem. The Gyn said she removed 8 polyps, one was almost one cm which was reported in transvaginal us and the rest were very tiny si weren't mentioned in rhe us report. Now,i'm eaiting for the pathology report. Do you know if i have a good chance to have a "benign" word for all AF them in the report? Is it normal to have multiple polyps in endometrial line??? Thanks again