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wat1168 added comments to an old thread which I will paste here for the forum to see.  Perhaps others will have more current info.



I just recently joined and saw that this one member had experience rib cage pain. I finished my chemo and radiation in 2013 after being diagnosed in August of 2012. Since then, two years later I have had this rib cage pain. It feels like my ribs are locking ontop of each other or some sort of cramping. It is on my left side under my breast. I feel this whenever I lean forward or just sitting. When the pain starts I have to raise my arm and lean to the side to get the pain to stop. I have asked my oncologist about this and he says he doesnt know what it is. My primary doctor did a rib cage x-ray. Still waiting on what they come up with. They tried to say it was scar tissue. I read some place radiation can cause bone brittleness. Either way these symptons are not related to just being treated with chemo as I did experience bone pain and spasms in my lower back and bladder after Lunesta shots. This sympton is new and has occured years after my treatment was over. I am still searching for answers as to why I have this rib cage pain.



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    I'm so sorry  you are now experiencing rib pain.  Hope they quickly determine its cause and end it! Wasn't the cancer enough?  Why this now???

    My best to you!

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    Have you had a PET or CT scan lately?

    I would definitely want to get this checked out, just to be on the safe side.  It could be from adhesions (which wouldn't show up on a scan), but  in my case, rib cage pain ended up being tumor growth.  It's not common, but it's way better to be on the safe side with this stuff, as I'm sure you know.

    Keep us posted, and welcome to the forum~AA

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    It is best to have a scan rather than just an x-ray of the rib area.  Scans are much more indepth and can show more reasons why you have this pain.  Please ask the doctor for a scan just so you can feel better about the whole situation, even if it is just scar tissue.  Radiation can cause bone problems big time along with scar tissue.  Hoping they can get to the bottom of this very soon.  Welcome to our board and hope you continue to post.


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    I have chronic rib pain on

    I have chronic rib pain on the right side. Ironically it is a result of nerve pressure to the intercostal nerve from a chest wall tumor near my spine. I just recently had the tumor ablated but still experience pain. My doctor thinks the tumor and or ablation caused permenant damage to the nerve. It is something I can easily live with when I look at the big picture of what I have been through and all the suffering I have experienced.