I am back from surgery and it is good news!

I am back from surgery and it is good news. 1a.  I have been thanking God daily and still praying for my "sisters".   Still sore on the outside and inside but managing okay....

QUESTION???? Want to ask those who have had robotic, do you have those bumps around1-3 cms at your incision site?  Feels like round nodules under the skin.  I wonder what they close with. 

Anyway, going to try working on siting up more in preparation for keyboard part time work.   What do you all recommend?  Are most of you sitting up by now, it has been over a week.


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    that sitting up at the computer took a lot out of me, phew. Lying down now

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    Prissy you are healing and

    Prissy you are healing and that takes time.  Even with the robotic surgery it takes time - longer than you think.  Be easy on yourself.  I wasn't clear to drive for 10 days and then I had to promise I wouldn't go back to work full time and did some half days.  Also, when they tell you NOT to lift anything over 5 or 10 pounds - listen. 

    Believe it or not, sleeping really does heal your body so don't fight it.  You will get it back. 

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    Those bumps


    My surgery was back in August. I didn't have visible bumps but once the wounds healed, I did feel hard points... I believe what I was feeling were the internal sutures. My surgical report described the suture used and the suturing method too! Pretty interesting stuff. A few stitches eventually broke through the skin. I could feel them rubbing up against my shirt. I clipped a few down and left the rest alone. Around the 3 month mark, I believe they had all dissolved enough that I don't feel them.

    I was able to sit easily in bed a few days after surgery. And I didn't have a problem sitting at a computer desk within a week. I still took 6 weeks off though. :)

    I did my best not to lift anything more than 10 pounds. That was pretty tough as I live alone. Getting around was easy during the day but I was still hunched over noticably for about a week and walking slower than normal. It wasn't until around 2 weeks that I felt well enough to walk at a normal stride.. My energy level was pretty good during the day but I noticed around 6pm, my body ached similar to flu-related body aches. 

    I would recommend checking hystersisters.com. They have recovery threads based on your surgery date and they are very active. You will learn about lots of people's recovery experiences on a daily basis! 


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    Speedy recovery

    Thanking the Creator that you had surgery safely also for the stage 1 status, please take it easy and dont go too fast ,you will heal better if your body is not stressed,physically or emotionally.  heal well and be good to you.