Small trick for getting your blood taken

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I'm a chicken when it comes to needles.  And it seems they always poke me twice.  Here is a simple trick to getting it the first time and not hurting.

Baby oragel and bandaid

Place baby oragel on a bandaid where you know they always poke you for blood.  I usually do it in two places just in case.  Put the bandaid on the spot smotherd in oragel just before leaving for your apointment.  This way your spot is good and numb and they can poke you pain free.   I did this where I knew they were going to put in the IV for the surgery and it went so easy and pain free.  Hope this helps someone. 


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    Saran wrap

    Cut a small piece of Saran Wrap the size of (or slightly bigger) than the gauze part of the bandaid.  Put it between the skin/Oragel and the gauze.  This will allow the gel to remain on the skin and not be absorbed into the gauze.  For those of us with ports this is 'old hat' as we have EMLA (or generic numbing cream) to use before port is accessed for infusions.  Without either numbing spray or cream - it HURTS when port is accessed - unfortunately had it done once with numbing.  I've never put a bandaid over the Saran as it just stays in place (for me) over the port but other areas might need some 'help' staying in place.  I never use my cream for blood draws as I have great veins and the gby who usually does them has never had a problem hitting my vein so - why bother?  I do always make sure that I put numb for port flushes though


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    thanks for the info!

    thanks for the info! im going to try it next time the wanna poke me

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    Excellent idea / suggestion!

    Thank you for sharing this information.


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    I can only have blood drawn

    I can only have blood drawn from my left arm (of course my right arm has the nice big vessels). I don't mind being stuck once or twice, but if they "dig around" once they are in I cant take it!!!! I tell them "stick me again if you have to, but if you dig around I might get sick". Luckily my Onc has a great lady who can draw it easily.