advanced RCC with met. to humerus

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This is my first post to this network. In July of 2014, my father-in-law was diagnosed with stage IV RCC. The diagnostic scans showed a large right sided tumor with mets to the spinal cord. This tumor had invaded and destroyed the T-12 vertebral body and is causing spinal cord compression. He also has a venacaval tumor that sits in the right atrium of his heart. Metastasis to both adrenals and multiple ribs as well as several lung nodules and a right humerus tumor. All the doctors we have seen have told us that surgery is not an option and that his prognosis is very poor. His biggest complaint is pain in the right arm.

He has had the maximum radiation treatment to that arm and was told by an orthopedic surgeon that rodding the bone (which now has a fracture) and amputation are not an option.  He has tremendous pain in that arm, which is his biggest complaint. The surgeon told us that because the tumor was RCC, that to control the bleeding would be the issue with surgery.  He still is able to ambulate with a cane at this point and I am very worried that he will fall and shatter that bone. I was just wondering if anyone else had experience with a problem like this..and if there are any other options.. 



  • I am sorry to hear about your

    I am sorry to hear about your father in law's diagnosis.  I cannot offer any insight, but have you obtained a second opinion?  There are many stories here in which a second opinion led to better outcomes. 

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    Hello, sorry to hear about

    Hello, sorry to hear about your FIL.. I am assuming he has already had surgery on his kidney? Did they give him any treatment besides radiation? Is he on Votrient or did they offer any immune therapies or trials? Is he on Avastin which is usually what they give to patients with bone mets.  Anyone correct me, please, if i mentioned the wrong drug.  Is he seeing an RCC specialist? I have many questions because they said his prognosis is very poor.  A lot of people are diagnosed at stage 4, my mom was at 79 years old.  She also later on had quite a few mets in her body. She went on Votrient and as of last scan, had no visible evidence of disease.  I have not had any experience with  the bone fractures but I would highly reccommend you signing up with They have a lot of experience there and I am very positive they will offer you some very good advice.  Please be sure, if you have not done so already, try to get a second opinion with an RCC specialist. You may have already done that, but most of the time many people don't consider it.  Also always get a copy of any test results and scans.  Wishing you the best. Hoping he will be able to find a surgeon that will put a rod in or help. I am sure there is one out there. Hugs!