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First I want it thank everyone for being so open and helpful.  I have a question about my chemo if anyone has a similar experience.  I was to have my chemo start this week (today). The oncology office called and said they have to postpone it for a few more days due to insurance.  They said insurance approved my chemo but dr.s office supposedly forgot there is guidelines with one of the meds I will be using.  I will be doing the combination of taxotere, perjeta, herceptin and carboplatin.  Supposedly the projeta is the med that ins says it is designed to b used before surgery not after.  Even tho it is being used after surgery and is very beneficial. Since I am her 2 pos with aggressive cancer my dr thinks this is the best combo for me.  So now I get called the day before my appt to say we have to wait just 48hrs.  Well that's a long time when it has to do with ur life.  we have very good ins and a supplement that picks up what they don't. Has anyone had this med and issues with it being pd for. ?  I was very angry yesterday cuz for one I have cancer and for two this is week 6 after my surgery.  I don't want to just sit here waiting like it's no big deal. This is my life.  the dr had to tell them why he wants this med and stuff .  Supposed to know hopefully tomorrow. It just makes me sick.  So still haven't got port in and still no treatment yet.  Can anyone reassure me?  


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    I didn't have the problem of

    I didn't have the problem of insurance delaying my chemo but my body let me down after my first treatment.   I went for the 2nd treatment on a Friday and my blood levels were to low and I couldn't receive treatment.   I received a shot and was told to go home and come back on Monday.   That was the longest weekend of my life.   I totally understand your anger and your fear.  It's cancer - don't let it get any worse.   It's agonizing.   Hang in there.    I have no doubt that your insurance is the issue.   After my treatment and double mastectomy my oncologist wanted me to start letrozole right away.   My insurance demanded more information, why he prescribed it, etc.   His words to me were - you fill this prescription and you make sure you take it every single day - do not miss it.   Waiting for 2 days to get this filled was again a very agonizing time - thinking the whole time this damn cancer has a chance to get me.    Hang in there and please let us know how things progress

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    No advice just sending

    No advice just sending hugs...


    I ONLY did radiation...I am sure others will be helpful..