Week 3 + PEG today

checking in today... Husband had his Peg placed today. He's had 10 Rad since 1/30, and 1 Cisplatin. 

first few days were rough, mostly nausea and fatigue from the chemo. But last week he was feeling much better. Feeling good this week, and this afternoon got the PEG. It was routine, except in recovery where we waited for the bag of antibiotics to drip. I watched the bag and thought, is it dripping?? Checked the tube, etc, and sat back down. But then the nurse came in and lifted his sheet- said, "Sir, could you straighten your arm?" Bingo! He had crimped the tube! No problems after that-- now home and resting. 

we've had some great meals and enjoyed one tonight from good friends who are looking out for us. Hope everyone here on csn is doing well tonight too. being able to stop by and read about the things we are going through is so helpful!

-Elizabeth (husband w/Tonsil C)


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    Glad to hear things are better this week. Hope your husband doesn't need the PEG but it is certainly good to have just in case he does need it. Can always use it as a supplement if he can't take in enough calories. Nutrition and hydration are key to the easiest journey.

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    Week 3

    Glad things went well for your husband today. It's wonderful that you have friends helping with meals. I hope the rest of the treatments go quickly for you both.

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    mighty PEG


    Glad to hear he is doing well. For many, the third week is when the side effects come out to play.  Just take them one at a time and let your team know if there are issues and of course ask us and lastly, keep drinking water and swallowing,


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    Elizabeth thanks for letting us know.

    Elizabeth thanks for letting us know your husband is doing so well at this time. There will be good and some bad days so just take one day at a time. You both will get through this. It is hard on the caregiver [YOU] as well so remember to try to get rest yourself. 


    Oh, drink more water, right Matt.

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    Hi Elizabeth

    Sounds like you all are doing well for week 3 so keep up the good work, also don’t be afraid to use the PEG if you need; It is my life savior.



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    Elizabeth, i'm glad the rough

    Elizabeth, i'm glad the rough days are behind him and I pray they stay there.  i'm glad you and hubby are eating well while he can and especially enjoying it with friends.  its good to hear he is feeling better.  praying for smooth tx for your hubby.

    God bless you.


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    I appreciate everyone's replies, and the prayers. I read your messages to my husband and he is also grateful. We will check in again next week... 2nd chemo coming up on Wednesday.

    God bless all of you!