Update from Laz.

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Had my blood work and 1 year CT this week. The CEA is steady at 1.3 and the CT is clear. I'm very relieved, because I have aches and pains everywhere and of course the first thing I think of is metastases.

My life pretty much returned to normal, I'm back to work which I enjoy very much. I have to restart everything, because of a bad divorce, the long disability and medical bills I'm not in the best financial shape. But as long as I'm healthy I remain optimistic.

I'm reading the board every day and try to give the best support I can. I want to offer my support and best wishes to all of you again, especially to those that are down.



  • Dyanclark
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    Happy for you

    Happy your health is doing well.  Really a very nice picture of you & your wife.

    Hugs from Diane & George



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    That is great news Laz. Now

    That is great news Laz. Now celebrate this weekend.

  • Yolllmbs
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    Great results

    I'm sure time will take care of everything else.  Great news on your tests.



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    my friend! String a bunch of those 'all clears' together! Time to celebrate!


  • Fight for my love
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    Great news! I am happy for

    Great news! I am happy for you. My husband is still recovering from surgery, he still has discomfort. So I also worry if the pain is from "C",hopefully not.

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    That's great!

    Unfortunately I think the aches and pains could be due to the chemo.  I've been left with quite a bit of joint and muscle pain, although it has improved over the years a bit.  I've read that it takes at least two years after chemo to really get better.  Hopefully things will improve with the passage of time!

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    Great news!! Wonderful way to

    Great news!! Wonderful way to start the year!  Wishing you continued NED, and I agree with AA .. seems like aches, pains, muscle spasms, nerve things and joint aches is just the part we are left with!  I have been having a particularly bad month with dropping things with my bad arm .. I was left with one bad arm and one bad leg .. seemingly nerve damage .. and a really really bad case of chemo brain! Tongue Out


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    Great News

    This is great and you deserve it. 

    You both look great in the icon picture!

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    I am so glad to hear this news, way to go.  I am sorry about the bad divorce but i dont think i have ever heard of a good one, in time things will get better, but like you said your health is good, so the other things will fall into place..



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    Congratulations Laz :)

    That's fantastic news about your CEA and CT. Depending on the kinds of aches and pains you're experiencing, massage therapy can help a lot. When my mom has tried that, the difference she experiences is almost miraculous (albeit sadly brief). 

    Even more, I'm so glad you're back at work and moving on with your life. It sounds like you've got a few hurdles to get over, but I have no doubt that you will coast through all of them. After all, you've pretty much beaten cancer, and are still going :) I wish you nothing but continued luck and happiness.

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    Awesome news!

    Laz - Hitting the one year mark is what I'm striving for yet again.  Congrats that you did it!  Hope you celebrate big time.  Traci

    Glad to see you're steady at 1.3, I'm holding at 1.5 six months post surgery.


  • Annabelle41415
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    What awesome news.  You are such an inspiration on the board and thanks for posting as it makes a difference to people that are just entering this terrible journey.  Take time to celebrate you and your news.