I searched the treads and found that you had bronchitis years ago and used Oil of Eucalyptus to help it?  How long did it take before it cleared up?  My husband has been coughing mucusy stuff up for about a week now.  He finished a 5 day z-pac that didn't do anything, so it has to be viral.........  Appointment at MDA isn't for another week and 3 days.  


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    I have Cronic Bronchitis and Severe Emphysema as well. Stage 3 COPD.  I have to keep at home what is called an emergency pack. It is Z-pac and Methyiprednisoloe 4mg Dosepk  [ a steroid, 21 pills you takeover six days. Six the first day and one the last] When my mucus changes to green or a deep yellow I take right then and in three days i'm better. FYI the z-pak will be working for more than seven days after you take the lase one. They have me do this incase it's a weekend or I cant get to the Dr the next day. When I take them I have the Rx refilled so I always have it. I have been doing this for over three years now and it really helps me. The steroid is if it is viral and z-pak is bacterial. My lung Dr has me do this. I hope this info might help. You might ask your local doctor about it.



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    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for that info. It is helpful. All new territory for us.