My sister


my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 3 years ago.  She had been battling this monster for 3 years.  The Drs told us yesterday that there is nothing else they can do for her.  They told us she might have 1 month to live.  I am so angry with this disease.  She has done everything the Drs have told her to do.  She is so frail and has still so much hope that she can beat this.  I am researching on line trying to find any natural ways she can beat this.  She has gone through so many rounds of chemo and radiation, operations.  She is still fighting.  I want to help her so badly but I don't know where or how to start.  I want all the people who are fighting cancer to never stop.  Keep fighting this awful disease because we won't stop trying to fight it also.  My prayers are with you all fighting this monster.  May God bless us all.


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    So sorry to read about your

    So sorry to read about your sisters update. My prayers are with you both. Something I read that Stuart Scott said in a speech on battling cancer really stuck with me... Made me think hard about my own fight with this terrible disease. He is quoted as follows:

    "When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer," Scott told the audience. "You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live."

    I do believe that we should NEVER give up hope as all things are possible through ... (Mathew 19:26).

    But I also believe we need to Live and Love in the here and now. That is what I want to do with every day I have left.

    Wishing you and your sister Life, Living, Love, Light!



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    I'm so sorry about your

    I'm so sorry about your sister.  What is her story?  How old is she, where has the cancer spread, what treatments? Has she had 2nd or 3rd opinions?  How does she feel about what the doctors have said?  

    I understand your anger.  

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    So sorry

    to hear this news.  I just hate cancer too.  My husband fought colon cancer with mets to his small intestines and lymph nodes for 23 months.  On 9/22/14, he was told the same thing your sister has been told.  In August of 2014 he was told he had about 2 years.  on 9/22/14 he was told he had weeks to months left. He passed away on 11/2/14.  While this has been devastating to me, I hold onto the fact that he is no longer suffering.  He also did everything every doctor wanted him to do.  We had to talk him into some things, but he did it and very rarely complained.  I have been dwelling (and trying not to) on all the ER visits, hospitalizations, procedures, surgery, etc. and wondering "WHY?"  His cancer was aggressive and there were several mis-steps along the way by his former oncologist and hospital.  I just wonder sometimes if any of them know what they are doing.  His body just couldn't take anymore, the chemo wasn't working and he had two palliative procedures to ease blockages in his bile duct and duodenum.  They did ease his pain and for that I am grateful.   To be told you have a short time left is some of the worst news you can ever get.  My husband came home on 9/29/14 with in home hospice that was not so great.  I had to take him to inpatient hospice on 10/22/14 because I could no longer keep him safe at home.  It was very hard, but once there, I never left his side until he passed.  It was a wonderful place, in spite of it being where most people go to die.  I was happy to have those last 11 days without worrying about his care and comfort.

    It is hard to accept death is near, I know my husband took it stoically but I was a mess.  I wish your sister (and you and her family) peace and comfort in whatever path she chooses.  I am sorry if this is not the kind of response you were looking for.


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    Understand you want hope

    There comes a time for each of us, even those without cancer, when the end is near.

    I know it is difficult to accept.  I wish there was a magic answer.  I lost my sister to cancer just over a year ago.

    Make the best of the time left. 

    May she be pain free.

    Marie who loves kitties