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Hi all it's been sometime and I surely pray for all of you,  it's been 5 years however they have been bumpy years - I'm still abating mets from my liver and get really tired of trying to live cancer free it's challenging - I've decided that working full time has really taken away from my way of living - cancer has shown me  it's not all about the money - its given me a whole new attitude and outlook - I don't regret the diagnosis - it's about us and how we can reach out and help others!   I've developed a skill I never knew I had! In the beginning of my diagnosis I had no idea how I was going to afford my treatments, meds anything and learned that the generosity of the cancer society played a major part in relieving me of those strongholds - so in return I am making  items to sell and in return contribute back in one way or another - I have posted some items on my member page if you'd like to see them!  I love you all and wish you a healthy and happy new year! 


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    You are having a similar

    You are having a similar experience to me. I am at the point where I am just trying to ablate the mets/lesions as they show up to hopefully stay ahead of the game. It is very tough to keep going. I am in my 10th year of fighting. I never felt like quitting before last year but I definately have my moments now.