Managing Costs of Cancer Treatment

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Another thread began to discuss this issue ... perhaps it deserves a dedicated thread so it could be easily accessed by a search?

The costs are excessively high -- that is obvious.  Maybe this could be a thread devoted to positive and helpful success stories from those with experience? I know that everyone's financial situation is very different but some useful ideas shared could be invaluable.

During the five years of my husband's treatment, our Blue Cross Blue Shield had a cap on what we had to contribute for co-pays each year so we basically knew for all basic treatments what we were going to be responsible for.  This did not necessarily make meeting that cap easier, but we did at least know what to expect.  Prior to his illness, I don't think I paid all that much attention to the terms of our policy because we were healthy and never came close to accumulating high costs.

We definitely made changes to our lifestyle and also had to work out a payment plan with the hospital.

Here's one useful article:

Best to all as we begin a new year. ~ Daisy