Merry Christmas; Happy New Year, etc. etc.!

Hi all:


Hope everyone had a great holiday season.  I've been subbing a lot and fixing to start a long term sub on Monday for a kindergarten teacher on maternity leave till March 9 and another kindergarten teacher who will be out on maternity beginning in April thru rest of school year.  I am truly blessed!  I spent Christmas with my in-laws.  Went up Sunday before Christmas and came back Sat. and my sister came down Sat. till Mon. 


Did have some sad news on Monday before Christmas.  My brother Robert that lived with us and passed away in 2008; his ex-wife (who is wonderful and a great person and they remained on good terms) anyway her son Chris by her first marriage died on Friday December 19; five days after his 36th birthday.  He had had some drug and alcohol problems and had lost his 14 year old daughter in a car accident and his grandparents within 18 months of each other over the past 2 years.  According to Janet (his mom) he was a very unhappy person.  She found him when she didn't hear from him by noon on the 19th and went to his house.  He had some severe stomach issues a few years back and was told if he didn't stop drinking he would die.  He did for awhile but latest reports had that he was drinking himself to death.  She did have an autopsy done but hasn't heard anything from it yet; she's thinking overdose or possible liver cancer.  He had been in some pain a few days before all that happened.  And as if that isn't enough her other son (my brother's son and my nephew) was attacked by apparently mistaken identity around 8:30 this past Sat.  morning at his home.  He went to the door after being awakened by the thugs banging on the door and fortunately picked up this big stick he kept by the door and when he opened the door they rushed him and stabbed him 3 times which resulted in both lungs collasping!  They didn't take anything and he did fight them off and they left.  His mom has moved into her parents house and he was staying in her house till it sells and it is not a very good area anymore!  Anyway he is going to be okay and is doing well.  Did miss his half brother's service though of course.  Please keep them in your prayers.  My nephew Brian is doing pretty good and has taken a few steps again.


I'm going in a little bit to check on a new car.  I'm going to have to trade this one in within the next 6 months or so and since they're having these year end deals I thought I'd go take a peek.  This is the dealership where we have bought our last 3 cars and this will be an emotional thing for me as this car is the last one Charlie bought for me and the one he had promised me; so that's kinda of unsettling; but it has 135,000 miles on it and I did just spend $2800 on it in Aug. for a gasket job!  Hope all is well and I promise to be better about checking in this new year.  Have a Happy New Year everyone and God Bless.  Love y'all.


Jan (basketcase)


P.S.  Did have some great news yesterday.  Steve (my best friend Beki's husband) got good news on his last scan.  Right before T'giving he had a chest and abdomen scan and everything is stable there - he's the one that had the lung cancer and then this past march it had metasized to brain with 7 lesions; rad. done and only a whisper of one lesion was left after that; his scan right before T'giving showed 6 lesions appear to be dead and only one had grown slightly - so Monday after T'giving had a targeted rad. treatment to that spot; has been dismissed for 3 months by reg. onc. and this past Monday had MRI of brain and the results were lesion is shrinking and now dismissed by rad. onc. for 3 months.  Rad. onc. is even considering if after next 3 month check everything is good dismissing him for 6 months between visits and Beki said this is the most optimistic he has been.  Praise the Lord!  And keep them in your prayers too!


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    Wow Jan you've had so much..........

    Jan you have had so much happen in your life these last few months. Sorry to hear about the sad news, however there was some very good news as well. Good to hear you are doing subbing and of Kindergarden as well. They can be a hand full, and so much joy as well. A persons Kindergarden teacher is the first one they will always remember with such fone memories. Glad you enjoyed Christmas and I wich you a very Happy "NED" Year. [ New Year as well]


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    Happy you are keeping busy

    Happy you are keeping busy and your friends husband is improving.Praying for those in your family suffering loses.