Votrient to give away

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I was recently tried on Votrient for metastatic leiomyosarcoma but had to stop it because it was not working.  My mail order pharmacy sent my monthly supply one day after my physician discontinued the meds.  If I return the medication, they will just dispose of it.  That would be almost $10,000 wasted.  I never opened the package the pills came in, they are in a sealed bottle, in the envelop is my personal information.  I just want to give this medicine to someone who needs it and can use it. Please let me know if you need it, or know of somewhere I can send it to be used - not distroyed


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    The same thing happens to me

    The same thing happens to me and I took the mail order package to the oncologist's office and they said they could use it for a patient that couldn't afford it.  You might check with your oncologist.

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    Sutent to give away

    I made a similar post about Sutent, but I don't have any takers yet.  The onc discontinued use a couple of days after the shipment, and I have not opened the box.  I will check with the onc to see if there are other patients who are having financial difficulty.