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Haven't posted in awhile but you all are always on my mind. My time has been consumed with my husband following his stroke late October. He was hospitalized a week then went to acute rehab then to skilled nursing for less intense rehab, then he took a fall requiring stiches in his leg and another week in the hospital where they said he had another stoke at some point. Now he has been back in acute rehab trying to make up some of the ground he lost. The last two days have been good ones. He has taken 4 falls since the original stroke but no broken bones. He has strength in all of his limbs but his mind is learning to tell him how to put one foot in front of the other. He reverts to the past allot but almost always knows who I am. He lost a great deal of his vision. I remain hopeful that he will be able to come home with some in-home help. Time will tell. I thought our financial future was secure but this could be devastating and that weighs heavy on me. Once skilled nursing feels he is no longer progressing or 100 days passes, Medicare and our health insurance stop paying. It is 100% out of pocket for nursing care.

As for myself, I start week 4 of hyperbarics tomorrow. Still undecided on when and where next surgery will be. I just can't get my mind to even think of it. Giving myself til Jan 1 before I start thinking again. 

I started drawing social security at 62 1/2 and am not yet 65. Wondering if anyone knows if you can still file and receive social security disabilty if you are already on social security. I originally applied but never followed through on the paperwork since I felt I was able to work part-time and felt better being able to work. Work really isn't an option for me now.

My best to everyone


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    Ron had been receiving SS disability for several years when he became eligible for regular SS. Nothing changed except his status. The amount remained the same. As far as I know, you can't receive both. If you can, the government owes me a lot of money.  LOL

    So sorry that you and your hubby are struggling at this time. Hope the new year will turn things around.



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    Social security disabilty

    If you are on SSDI it will switch to just SSI at 65, [or in my case 66] which is your full term. My wife was switched when she turned 65. I was asked if I wanted to receive SSI while I was filling for SSDI and I said no. I don't know if you already recieve SSI if you can change it to SSDI. Dissability is what you would recieve if you went full time, and retiring at 62 1/2 is less money. What I have calculated for me is, you lose 7% per year. They really go by the month not year. That would be over $354 a month more. I just don't know if you can file for disability if you receive SSI now. You should call and ask them, because it will also get you medicare before 65 as well. Don't forget the wife can draw off the spouse SSI if his is higher than yours but only half of his total. If yours was more he could draw half of yours if yours is more, but you can't get both yours and half of his. It is for the person [wife] who stopped working to rase the family, or has been disabled for years.

    Very sory to hear about your husband. You both will always be in my prayers.


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    Sorry to hear things are so

    Sorry to hear things are so rough. I do not know anything about SS so I can't offer advice. I can however pray which I do for all on this board. My specific prayer for you is that God provide what you need in 2015 and that he bring comfort and strength to you both.



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    I am keeping good thoughts for you and your husband.


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    I don't know about

    switching back to SSDI.....if it's possible after signing up for SSI.....I am thinking tho.....I remember when my mom was in a skilled nursing center, and that 100 day thing came up.  What her doctor did, was place her in the hospital for a few days, and the 100 days began again when she moved back into the nursing center.  This was in 2006 so I don't know if any changes have been made....but it might be something worth looking into.

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. 


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    Hi hwt



    I am sorry to hear your husband is sill not doing so well, all we can do sometimes is to pray. The only problem I had with the HBO was a few months later I could not see faraway and had to get glasses.



    All the best to you on a new New Year


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    Only thing

    The only thing that I can offer is prayer.  HBO is a long day, I was so tired.  Hopefully there is a Social Worker that can help with your husbands issues and care.

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    Candi, you are such a strong

    Candi, you are such a strong woman.  you've had to face so much and you just keep on going.  I'm sorry your husband is having such serious health issues when you are also facing serious issues.  I'm sending you lots of cyber hugs, prayers, good mojo and positive vibes to help you through.  i wish i could do more but please know you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    God bless you,