Nerve damage post radiation / chemo

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I finished radiation & chemo early September For tongue cancer. since finishing treatment, I've developed what my doctor believes is nerve damage to my tongue. It's on the opposite side that was treated. I have pain along the side of my tongue in different areas. My doctor has referred me to a pain management specialist. 

Im wondering if anyone else has experienced nerve pain in the mouth or tongue after treatment? I'm told this can sometimes happen. I'm wondering if it is a side effect of radiation or chemo? I know there is scatter from the radiation. My doctor also told me there is a lot of nflammation after radiation. I'm three months post treatment. Does this go away in time? I'm just looking for some help on this. 

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    I still have some pain but

    I still have some pain but more like a stinging then anything.My tounge in different spots where he made the tounge flap and along the sides of my face.My doctor told me it's side effects or radiation but also the nerves are slowly healing .But will stop in time.As in everything going on with us healing it's time..

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    Hi Bmom,

    As indicated in my accupuncture post, I suffer from chronic pain due to my surgery and treatment. I have nerve damage from the surgery and radiation as well as neuropathy from chemo.. The meds help to a degree but I average a 3-4 in the pain scale as a norm on a daily basis. It's been that way for close to two years now. I take 50-100+mg of Tramadol daily and will be trying accupuncture in the hopes of quelling the pain and also hopefully stimulating additional saliva production. 

    I'll be two years out in April so keep in mind you have a ways to go before you reach the "new normal". Be patient. Measure your progress in weeks and months. It will get better. How much is determined individually. 

    Positive thoughts and prayers