Epilator for hair removal


Her's a random question for you all...

does anyone know if it's ok to epilate the hair from your upper thighs and bikini line after having had radiotherapy. I had radiotherapy in August and have no skin problems in the area. Just wondered if it might affect lymph nodes (I has a node removed during biopsy)



  • mp327
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    Hair removal

    I really couldn't say--best to ask your doctor.

  • Ouch_Ouch_Ouch
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    Hairly there.

    At 5 months post-treatment, I haven't had enough public and upper leg hair grow back yet to worry about removal. I look pre-pubesent. I suspose it's a money-saver, though!

    My exterior skin seems to be well-healed and not friable, but it's quite a bit darker than before. Waxing, chemical removal, or epilating can be pretty rough on healthy, intact, unirradiated skin as it is, though. (We really do suffer for beauty, sigh!) Whether or not your irradiated skin can handle and heal well afterwards without post inflammatory hyperpimention (or hypopigmentation) it is a question for the radiation oncologist, as mp327 says.