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Hi everyone. My posting here is coming somewhat late as my Mom died from cancer on 09/11/2014. She was not diagnosed until June even after being sick for over a year. I quit my job and took care of her. I loved my Mom and I miss her horribly. Everyday I think about her as I ramble through the house that we rented together. And to top it all off, I am now about to lose this house. Being the sole caregiver for my Mom meant that I took her to every doctor appt, hospital visit, and any other trip that needed to be done. The last month meant staying at the hospital with a trip home once a day to eat. And now, a few days ago, my car finally died. When I couldn't show up for my new job, I was fired. That car served me well while taking care of her but being a low wage worker meant priorities were her doctor trips and gas to get her there as well as her meds. I burned through every penny of my savings, which wasn't much, but I would give everything I have to have helped her anyway I could. I had no idea that there were resources available to help me.


I just wanted to post this here so that anyone with no place to turn will hopefully realise that they are not alone. I wish I had known I had access to so much help. As it is now, I am not sure how long I can hang on to the little bit of normal in my life and be in a place where my memories of her are so strong. I fear being homeless and what that might entail. I hope no one else has to go through this...


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    Hi there,
    So sorry you lost

    Hi there,

    So sorry you lost your Mom. But always remember that you were a wonderful daughter and took such good care of her. I hope you get some help for yourself now. Being a care giver can really wear you down. I would reach out to your local cancer center for help. There should be resources for you. I have a girlfriend in similar situation several years ago and had her placed in a independent living home. She stills lives there and is well taken care of. She became homeless after her parents both died. Hope this helps.