So it was 6 years this month.....

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December 5, the day I had the cancer cut from my body.  Dx stage 3 B, just a little over 2 weeks after turning 40.  I did not join here until after my last chemo, when I really started to really freak out, wondering if I was not actively fighting it, how could it be stopped.  I thought the chemo was the only thing that could keep it at bay.  I had seen my mom die from colon cancer less than 3 yrs before me and her mom when I was 19.  I simpley thougt it could never be beat.  I am happy to be wrong.  Yes, I have lost many friends from here since I joined, but I have also gained so many more friends that have not.  Do not be afraid if you are just starting out, we are here for you.


“Survivors aren't always the strongest; sometimes they're the smartest, but more often simply the luckiest.” 

― Carrie RyanThe Dark and Hollow Places




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    Thats great news. Thanks for

    Thats great news. Thanks for the update so all can read it and hopefully find some inspiration.

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    Fabulous news

    I am so happy for you.  6 years is just excellent. 

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    Hugs Christine

         G'day mate , good to see you again. Have a great christmas and an even better new year. Thanks for continuing to show up and give hope to those who feel that they may have no hope. That includes me as I sometimes feel a little lonely as a long termer . The more that join the club the better. Ron.

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    Congratulations and

    thank you for the hope, encouragement and inspiration. I'm stage 4 for less than 4 months and I'm not afraid but definitely apprehensive about my future. I just need a few clear scans under my belt and I'll feel more settled. You look like you're doing great, best wishes and good luck to you as you move forward : )


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    Great post!
    Wishing you

    Great post!


    Wishing you many more years of happy thoughts and dreams! Keep uup the great attitude.  We have cancer in our lives, but cancer does not have to define us. 


    Best Always,  mike

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    Congratulations and glad that you checked in.  You are always thought of as your date was right around when mine was discovered so think of you about this time of year.  Hope everything else is going well. 


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    Congratulations! So nice to

    Congratulations! So nice to see the good news.

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    Thank you for that

    Thank you for that encouragement .. it is nice to hear from long term survivors.  It has been a rough few months. 

    Congrats to you on your NED and wishing you continued health! Best of Holiday season to you!

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    Happy Day!

    I am so happy that you are beating the beast, and keeping healthy for so long. May it continue until your old in the tooth. 

    Happy Christmas and Happy New year to you. 

    Sue - Trubrit

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    Congratulations on your milestone

    Thanks for checking in.  I wish you many more milestones to come!

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    That is wonderful news. 

    That is wonderful news.  Thank you for posting and giving hope!

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    So very well said, and i love that quote, just love it