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Did any of you ladies have endometrial cancer and decided to remove only your uterus and developed ovarian cancer. I was recently diagnosed with stage one of endometrial cancer and they suggested that I get a a hysterectomy but I want d to keep my ovaries in case I want to still have kids in the future  and because our hormones are so necesarry for our body since I am only 32 years old. 




Can anyone relate to this? 


  • wholfmeister
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    Preserving fertility

    I am not in your situation, so I cannot answer your primary question.

    but there are many options for young cancer victims to preserve their fertility.  Talk to your oncologist about your desire.  And if he doesn't respond, ask for a second, or third, opinion.  This is your life.  You have every reason to expect a long life.....with kids if you want!

  • Alexandra
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    Hello Denise

    I don't have personal history of ovarian cancer following endometrial. Mine is staight up ovarian stage 3C.

    In your case of an early stage endometrial cancer at young age, hysterectomy might be all the treatment you need. In order to make a decision to remove or keep your ovaries and fallopian tubes during hysterectomy, I would try to answer 2 questions:

    1) are you BRCA-positive?

      If the blood test determines that you are (genetic risk of breast and ovarian cancers) - get the ovaries and tubes out.

    2) is your endometrial cancer an agressive type (high grade, USPC or MMMT)?

     If pathology shows that it is an agressive cancer, get the ovaries and tubes out along with the uterus. Usually your surgeon gets preliminary pathology results during surgery and makes this decision for you. You may also need chemo / radiation following hysterectomy, if cancer is the aggressive type.

    If you answer "no" to both above questions, you have no more risk of ovarian cancer than average population and you could choose to keep your ovaries to postpone menopause. You can also freeze some eggs in advance if you plan to procreate in the future.

    Good luck with your decision.