Thyroid cancer possiblity


So about two years ago my wife had half of her thyroid removed for Lumps (nodules) I think that's what thier called.She never heard anything fromt he Doctor about the Biopsy. Sorry bad speller. The growth has started coming back she is having neck pains again and other issues from it. My question is what is the likelyhood that the not was cancerous and they missed it? 

She is afraid to have the rest removed. If it is cancerous would anyone know of any certain symtoms I should watch for? I have a feeling it is already spreading she got sick a week ago and her lymph nodes were swollen she could barely raise her arms for two weeks. Anyone with simulair issues or advice wuld be appricated. Again sorry about my spelling.


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    Have you guys tried getting a

    Have you guys tried getting a second opinion? She will most likely have to get a biopsy, and they will probably recommend surgery to remove what is left of the thyroid.  Anything is possible at this point; don't wait too long because you need answers.