I will take matters into my own hands!

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Today is Sunday Dec. 14, 2014 and Im on my 2nd week of 2/1 50 mg Sutent schedule and the extreme fatigue is too much and i'm so tired of getting tired.........I only got 6 more capsules left and I don't want to waste it so I will be taking matters into my own hands!!! ..... I'm going to break the capsule and take out 1/4 of the powder so I can get roughly/estimatedly 37.5mg from it! Of course I will tell my oncologist tommorow and hope I wouldn't get ****! - feeling crazy....


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    or maybe they don't need to

    or maybe they don't need to know........

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    or maybe they don't need to

    or maybe they don't need to know........


    Dont do anything wihout contacting your oncologist.

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    Better to take advice from your Oncologist first!

    There is no doubt recovering from a major op leaves you feeling tired for some considerable time, the body takes a while to adjust particularly from a kidney surgery. Then added to that the body is having to acclimatise to these harsh drugs its a big ask. Staying fully hydrated makes a big difference and also good diet and plenty of restful sleep. How much are you drinking throughout the day?

    With regards to your capsules I would discuss the situation with your Oncologist first, I don't know what your level of dosage is right now, but the dosage needs to be constant and effective. I agree tiredness is difficult to live with but Cancer more so, you may be compromising the ability of the drug to control  the spread of Cancer.

    Djinnie x