Tonsil Cancer 2 Year Check Up....NED

Just wanted to give some encouraging news to those currently fighting tonsil cancer.  I just had my 2 year post treatment checkup (scope of throat and CT scan).  NED!!

It's hard to believe that it has been 2 years since I was in treatments.  I was just finishing up right before Christmans 2 years ago.  It was really hard, at the time, to believe that my life would ever be back to normal.  I am pretty much all back to normal now.  Taste buds a still a little off but I still enjoy everything that I eat.  It took awhile to get here but life is pretty much normal again.  I am happy and feeling good. 

If you are in treatments now, please take things a day at a time.  Try to fight through each roadblock and eventually you will finish the treatments.  I hope for a positive outcome for all of you.



  • phrannie51
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    Yeaaaah Joanie!!!

    Another NED under your belt.  We're pretty much on the same schedule, I'm just a little ahead of you in "time served" past treatment.  This 2 year mark is a BIG pushes you way down the recurrance list.  I certainly breathed a sigh of relief at my 2 year mark.

    Hugs and a dance being sent to you.


  • CivilMatt
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    NED all the time


    NEDelicious! Congratulations on the 2-year mark, now let’s eat.  Maybe some NEDinner or NEDessert or just a toast with a NEDrink.


  • wmc
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    Isn't that such a great sound to hear NED

    Isn't that such a great sound to hear ..... NED. Just never get tired of hearing that and the Joy it means.


  • donfoo
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    Cheers always on NED reports. Thanks for reporting in!

  • Duggie88
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    Great News

    Two years is just a start of many more. Don't be surprised that things will still get better. They told me that whatever I didn't gety back in a year I would most likey never come back. WRONG, I was still recooping 3 years down the road. Especially my taste for some foods like sausage, I ate it before cancer but it took 3 years afterwards to regain my taste for it.

    Time go by so quickly and now we live the abi-normal life. (quoting John again)


  • cureitall66
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    Congrats to you! My loved one reached his 2 yr NED mark last month also!

    And you're right, it does get better with time....Laughing

  • debbiejeanne
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    Joan, congrats on 2 years!! 

    Joan, congrats on 2 years!!  i'm doing a happy dance in your honor!

    God bless you,


  • MrsBD
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    Two Years

    Congratulations! Any NED is a cause to rejoice!