Endometrial polyp, possible RCC met???

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I have an endometrial polyp for at least last 1.5 year.  My new Gynecologist suggests to take it out to make sure its benign. My urologist believes RCC  doesn't have met in endometrial line of uterus. But I'm getting more and more nervous. It makes me crazy by thinking it's a distant rcc met or a new cancer coming from hell. The Gynecologist says they're usually benign and I don't need to worry, I really hope mine is benign too, but can't stop worrying. Have you ever heard of such mets as I couldn't find any info on the net. And ladies, do you know anything about endometrial polyp?







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    I'm waiting for some replies.

    I'm waiting for some replies. Doesn't anyone know about the subject? Thanks in advance


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    foroughsh said:

    I'm waiting for some replies.

    I'm waiting for some replies. Doesn't anyone know about the subject? Thanks in advance


    I will reply

    to you but I dont know anything about this subject.  I know there can be mets from kidney ca most anywhere in body it want to travel too. But I cant help you except to pray for you and that I will do.

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    Stop with the stressing!

    Hi Foroughsh, You are going to worry yourself into an early grave, you have to stop it for your own good. Every time you stress like this your body is creating more cortisol which at high levels can impact your immune system. I had bowel Cancer many years ago, so every 5 years I go for a colonoscopy, where they inevitably have to remove a couple of polyps. As of yet they have never been cancerous or even pre cancerous for that matter. They may never become cancerous but if they do it takes a while, hence the 5 year marker.

    As far as I am aware Endometriosis can make you prone to certain cancers including kidney cancer, in later years. You have no sign of Endometriosis though. If Cancer was to appear in the Endometrium it would likely spread into the ovaries and uterus before spreading to other organs. It is unlikely for the reverse to happen ie. for Kidney Cancer to spread to the Endometrium. Having said that nothing is impossible, however this is a polyp and it hasn't spread throughout its current vicinity, at the moment it will be extremely small. In all likelihood it will be benign because they usually are, just have it removed and stop imagining the worst. You can't spend your young life with your mind in this constant merry go round of turmoil, just live and enjoy all the good things it has to offer you:)


    Djinnie xx