Ned 3 year CT Scan

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Good news....A few wees back I had my 2.5 year CT Skan and it was NED.   In addition, the doctor at MD Anderson moved me from the  "Cancer Patient"  group to the "Cancer Survivor Group"  IT was a fabulous today and today is my 56th birthday...hoping for many more.  You guys really have helped me get throught the tought times.  You are a great group of folks!




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    I am inspired by your story.

    I am inspired by your story.  Congratulations on making it 3 years without a re-occurance.  Would you mind sharing the side effects you are still experiencing?



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    fabulous few words


    I love “good news” and yours is some of the best!

    From one irradiated H&N’er to another, congratulations!

    Moving forward,


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    You Moved....."Cancer Survivor Group"

    That is such great news Ann. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, and so many more.


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    Wonderful news to get for your birthday!!!  Have a happy one.


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    Thanks for dropping in and reporting the great news! It's also nice to hear the recognition that three years is a more realistic milestone to declare survivorship. 

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    Congrats on your 3 year "going for the gold" CT.  NED are still the best words in the universe.


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    Survivor Group

    Happy dance!

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    Ann, congratulations and

    Ann, congratulations and Happy belated Birthday to you!!  Survivor Group is a great group to be part of.  here's to 65 more wonderful years.

    God bless you,


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    Three years! That's  wonderful  news. I can't think of a happier birthday present.