Fluid retention

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What causes fluid retention around the ankles?  Every few weeks they put me on lasix to reduce the swelling but don't want to put me on it on a regular basis as it could cause kidney damage (if I have that right).  Due to see doc today, would like to be able to discuss with her intelligenly.

Thanks for any info you can provide!



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    fluid retention

    Kate1313 ;

    I was given lasik for extreme fluid retention that suddenly came on after a severe reaction to gabapentin (for neuropathy). Since I also have heart disease, I'm not sure what the real cause of the fluid retention was..........maybe a combination? Any answers from the dr. ?

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    Swollen Ankles

    Dear Kathy:

    If you are taking any type of high blood pressure medicines, it can cause swelling in the ankles.   Also, if you have just finished treatment that can too.  Did you have any lymph nodes removed?  if so, you could be experience lympedema.  Other causes arthritis and injuries.

    I hope you were able to find your answers.

    My best to you,