Starting chemo tomorrow

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Finally starting my chemo tomorrow. Discovered my lump 6 weeks ago, it's ER+,PR+, & Her2+. And I have one bone met on my left sacrum. I'm not looking forward to it, but anxious to start fighting this. Had a Stage I BC 20 years ago and did AC. Didn't think I'd ever be doing this again. This time around, I'm getting petuzamab, taxodere, and Herceptin, plus Zometa. Just praying I don't have too many SE's. Last time I did okay...a little nausea for a few days and some fatigue but managed to continue working. Retired now, so won't have to work, but I am also 20 years older. 


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    Good luck tomorrow

    good luck. Hopefully the SE will be manageabl. Many on this board have had Taxotere and Zometa and will help you to get through.


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    I had my chemo this summer and being retired definitely has its advantages. Listen to your body, nap when you're tired, that's when your body does its repair work when you're sleeping. It was nice to not have to decide if I felt up to going to work. Stay in close touch with your doctors, if you do have side effects let them know, there's a lot they can do to help.

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    Sorry you are having to go

    Sorry you are having to go through this again.   Be sure to take care of yourself through this and keep us posted

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    I'm sorry you have to go thru this a second time. I did taxotere and 1 1/2 years of Herceptin and everything went well. The Herceptin was especially easy and very successful treatment for Her2+. Keep us posted with your progress. Take care, Anna

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    no advice-I had two

    no advice-I had two lumpectomies and radiation.


    sending HUGS...



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    no advice-I had two

    no advice-I had two lumpectomies and radiation.


    sending HUGS...



    My Experience .....

    I SUFFERED from chemo side efforts, this will NOT happen to all - but for some.

    I was so unhappy that my onc and his staff never ever outlined the severe symptoms of Chemo .. I found several websites - enter my treatment med's and found out the potential side efforts... UGLY - is all I can say. Personally, I feel onc did not want to scare me up front - for fear that I would have made a run for the nearest office exit. Also, findings are based on clinical trials - and we are individuals. And not part of a clinical trial.


    My humble option .. and personal EXPERIENCE has been ..... ..... .... 


    Yes -- we will lose our scalp hair - option // hats, scarves or wigs


    Yes -- eye lashes and eyebrows will be lost by the end of 4th treatment -- sunglass or eyewear will be needed to keep debris from getting into our precious eyes.


    Yes -- we will get mouth sores --- there are products out there to help alleviate pain and sores.  Sucking on ice chips during chemo infusion treatments - HELP


    Yes -- I have nose sores & canker sores -- //Q-tip with anti-biotic cream.


    Yes -- blurred vision... // rest your eyes - use reading glasses if necessary.


    Yes -- Fatigue, lack of energy for life // we are WARRIORS fight breast cancer - -- and FIGHT to the bitter end. Stand in place and walk, move arms... tell you that you will walk up your stair case 5 to 7 times today, tomorrow - 7 to 9 times. .. Not easy to do... Make it a daily game... some days will be more successful than others.


    Yes -- The majority of bc WARRIORS will experience so sort of consitpation 


    Yes -- Some WARRIORS will gain weight due to stress eating and hormones, others will lose weight... Our taste buds have been fried... so nothing tastes as good as looks -- eat healthy... soups, veggies, apple sauce, cottage cheese, yogurt... Watermelon agreed with me, not grapes or applies. ---Fiber, Protein, and Fluids.


    Yes -- We look puffy … stay hydrated... water, water... add – apple juice, Pink Lemonade, cystal lite, lipton tea pouches, Hawaiian punch, cranberry juice to plain water. I also take a pitcher of fresh water, add a few orange and cucumber slices or I drop in ½ cup fresh blueberries or crushed strawberries. I also brew tons of herbal teas.


    Yes – Many of us will be walking the halls of our homes at 12 midnight, 2 a.m. and early morning... take naps when you can // try lavender (Health food store) not a concentrated spray found at Target or WalMart .. Around your pillow// Relaxation sounds – Ocean, rainforest etc... Seriously, this will help you sleep. I now sleep 6 hours per night, not 8 – but I consider this an accomplishment.


    Yes – Chemo brain is real... try reading, puzzles or posting – kind our mind active.


    Yes – we might get depressed – We are fight for our lives... Please speak to your doctor; maybe an anti-depressant may help us thru this fight. My onc just wrote a prescription for Effexor XR – to help me.


    Yes – Family or friends that once helped us thru on breast cancer fight, have left for greener pastures – does this hurt – Yes – it does. The pain does go away, and God provides another person totally unexpected to replace them.


    And always always never forget -- for every side effort – there are many suggested counter treatments offered on our site.


    Be kind to ourselves; pat yourself on the back daily.


    Lastly, remain in the moment - the here and now.


    I thank God daily for our site – otherwise, I would be a basket case stilling walking into walls – trying to process the words told to me on August 14, 2009 - Vicki, you have breast cancer – 2 types -- DCIS – Invasive and Her2 positive. A day I will never forget.