No voice after hemithyroidectomy.

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Hi fron Lyn44

I am a new member from Australia. I had a Left Hemithyroidectomy performed on Monday 1st December all went very well no complications. I had a very suspicious multi nodule goitre removed. I will know the results of pathology next week. When I see the specialist.  I am in very little pain my throat is still quite swollen though. Initially my voice was fine for three days then scar swollen now have no voice only a whisper does this happen often?

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    Honestly, I don't know, I

    Honestly, I don't know, I just came on to say hello and welcome.  I have heard that it's common to have hoarseness, loss of voice, etc... after one of those.  I know there is a fear/chance of losing the voice permanently if they accidentally nick something.  I would wait it out, though. Most docs have plenty of experience with this stuff, and I personally think that what you are experiencing is due to swelling and inflammation that is occurring as a natural response to the surgery.  I'm no doc, so I could be wrong, but I like to go for the positive until I'm proven wrong.  Welcome to our family; this is a great place to be.