Using Replens?

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In reading through old threads, I see where a few forum members have been put on Replens for vaginal dryness. The med apparently aides in sloughing dry, atrophic cells while adhering to the newer epithelial cells for about three days and increasing moisture. (Please correct me if I misunderstood the process.)

As an RN in the past, I dealt with decubiti (pressure ulcers). Cleaning the wounds of old, dead cells in order to expose the pink, healthy cells was the goal, "healing by first intention". It suddenly occurred to me that decubiti care and vaginal moisturizing might provide an analogous model for my dry, sore anal canal and it's angry fissures that could be worth trying. SO - I was wondering if anyone has tried inserting Replens anally to moisturize the dry epithelial skin there? With the anal fissure(s) I have, sloughing old cells, leaving pink epithelials may help in the wound healing.

Any thoughts, especially from women who have experience using Replens? Thank you.


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    I've never thought about trying this and am not aware of anyone else who has.  Sounds reasonable that it might be beneficial as long as there are no bad side effects.

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    I use replens vaginally, have not tried anything rectally but one of my vaginal products states on the box can be used vaginally or rectally, it is Carlson Key E, it is basically a vitamin e suppository, I use them vaginally in between the replens and vagifem, all advised to me by MSKCC so you may want to look at the Carlson Key E, I order them online, they are hard to find in the store,