Out of hospital

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After 4 weeks in hospital I'm home. I had a blocked bowel and was dehydrated. I was vomiting internally as my throats blocked and the stomach contents had no where to go. A bag was put on my PEG tube and my stomach drained. It was left on for 10 days. A formula was made for me and I fed through through a vein. I lost 4 kilos in weight. It's great to be home. I had a fantastic sleep last night in my own bed. The doc said I'm fragile so to take it easy, I don't need much persuasion on that. I may have to have major surgery at a later date to remove some of the bowel but because of the throat blockage I'm a high risk patient. I'm due a double endoscopy to try to unblock my throat, I hope they can do it.


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    Glad you are home.  Follow orders and take it easy!


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    No place

    There's no place like home.  I am glad that they were able to figure out the problem.  Rest and recover.

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    step at a time


    You are home and that's great medicine. Keep going one step at a time and making progress. Thoughts and prayers are sent you way. josh r.

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    Hey Jackie,

    Welcome home!  I am so happy that your ordeal is over and you can rest and recuperate before your next challenge to grapple with your remaining bowel issues, and blocked throat.  I'm glad that you are wrapped in familiar surroundings once more, and that you are able to sleep comfortably again.  We wish you all the best in your recovery.


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    Glad you're back home....

    Very glad to hear you are back home and starting to feel better. Get some well deserved rest.

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    glad to hear


    that was some experience; I'm sure you are trilled to be back at home. Take care!

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    donfoo said:

    glad to hear


    that was some experience; I'm sure you are trilled to be back at home. Take care!

    Home sweet home

    You have certainly been put thru the mill. Glad you are home and on the recovery road. Prayers coming your way.