Happy Thanksgiving Day...

...and on this day I went for a PET scan and it came back clean and I welcomed my new friend NED to the house. The side-effects from the rads get me down at times but the news today was most welcome. Ironically on this day of thanks I am given new hope for the future...


  • wmc
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    It is always just great to hear NED

    It just seems extra special to get this on Thanksgiven. Lets it's a sign of many,many more to come. Enjoy this day the best you can and yes, be thankful. Very glad to hear you are NED and doing well. May ALL your tomorrows be even better.


  • CivilMatt
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    when wishes come true

    JC F,

    Extra helping of NED for my friend and dial back the rad side effects a bit.



  • patricke
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you JC, and major Congratulations on receiving the gift of NED all wraped up in a PET.  Life does get better after the rad side effects fade away, it take time, and the all important patience.  Keep It Mov'in Forward, you'll get there.


  • thennies61
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    On this day (day after

    On this day (day after Thankgiving)I went and seen a doctor about what I thought might be a cyst under my tounge and it started me down my road to recoverery.

  • Hondo
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    You have a lot to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day that is for sure. Just glad you and Mr. Ned will be eating at the same table.


    Tim Hondo