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Hello everyone firstly have a lovely thanksgiving to all friends. I found out from my gp that my 3 months scan results show that my lung mets are shrinking and that there is recurrence in the right kidney bed (9.8 cm tumour &kidney removed 22may 2014) I have been on pazopanib since 6 September, so this was my first scan since starting targated therapy. I am really worried now as I dont know if this is good or bad news and I dont know what is going to happen. I believe MDT meeting was yesterday and I see oncologist on Friday to find out what they think but still really worried about this recurrence it seems very quick, anyone had this happen to them.

Thank you in advance for any help

Angela x


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    Hi there.  We have the same

    Hi there.  We have the same first name :).  Sorry to hear about your recurrence.  Glad they are on top of your scans though, that's reassuring.

    I have no advice, but thought I'd tell you what a radiologist told me today during a breast biopsy.  He was setting up to do the core samples, and when he read on my chart that I had had RCC last year, he said it's quite possible the mass they were targeting is a metastasis of the RCC.  Apparently it doesn't have some of the hallmarks of breast cancer, but looked like a met.  Kinda freaked me out as that would not be good news :(.  He also biopsied a 3.57cm lymph node in my axilla.  Both masses are the opposite side from where my kidney cancer was.  I'm almost hoping it's another cancer though.  He said mets tend to show up in very weird places.


    Anyway, thinking of you and hoping your therapy works and you stay healthy!