Hi to all.

Hi to all,

Been kind of quiet for a few days fighting these crazy radiation and chemo effects. I have been reading the posts and to some of you my heart is so sad for what you are dealing with and with others, I am so happy you are finally NED.Or at least finished with these horrid treatments and on the way to healing. And Bless those that are so sick and letting others know, what is happening to them and what they have done with Doc help to get through it.

Tomorrow will be rad # 13....and just finished Chemo # 3 on Monday. I got a tad bit of the Erbitux rash, but got it under control right away with * Aquaphor*..on my face. I just have to remember to get it off 4 hours before treatment. And for the other areas.. I am using * corn starch*, dries it right up. But it is my mouth that really is taking the brunt of things right now. Sores, blisters, redness, but was given some * Mu Gard* by the nurse and wow does that help!

Got the mask issue under control. Toughened up and now can close all the snaps to keep me very still. Still need the Xanax, but I have the most wonderful and caring team, taking care of me. 

Treatments seem to be working as I am breathing better, and able to smell more. At times I could make a bloodhound jealous, ~smile~, other times the ( dead smell ) returns. Still eating on my own yet, but losing weight, I think I have it to lose, but they don't seem to think so. I mostly drink tea, sip on soup, and like my ensure floats that hubby makes me, especially after rad treatment, stops the burn. 

20 more rads...and 5 to 7 chemo...left...should finish around New Years, if I can keep making myself go to treatments.

I hope the Thanksgiving holiday is the best it can be for all, Prayers and Hugs, Kritter


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    close to half-way


    It sounds like you are adjusting nicely, it is a whole lot easier once you figure out what works for you.

    Keep drinking and swallowing.


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    You're doing great...........

    You are doing so good. Yes it is rough but you are so close to being done for New Years. That will always have a new meaning for you. Stay strong and remember; One day at a time, and only today matters. Try to get food and liquids down to keep swallowing so you don't forget how. Sounds crazy but it can happen. Still keeping you in my prayers.


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    Sounds like you turned the

    Sounds like you turned the corner and on your way home.As Matt said seem you found what works for you.I would try everything everyone that posted and some worked some didn't but at least I got comfy.I really hated that mask but new it was a must to use so just adjusted to it even took it home with me.As said you need to keep swallowing and use the muscles.I went to a speach and swallowing specialist and she was a great help.She had come in twice a week hooked me up with these small electrobs to try to keep any scaring in the throat from becoming hard.She also had me sucking on ice with lemon in it but that kind of so used cherry ice and felt good.Best to keep going your gonna get tired so sleep sip and swallow.