What? I can't hear you.

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Hey, I'm curious what you all are doing about hearing loss.

I have lost probably 40% of my hearing and am so tired of catching half the conversation, but not as tired as I am of asking people to repeat themselves.

Has anyone gotten hearing aids and was it a good idea?



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    Hearing aids

    I had a relative in the business and he once told me, never to go someone who sells hearing aids for a hearing test. When my husband experienced some hearing loss, that is what we did. They told hi it was the result of his military service and running a jackhammer for a utility company for years. He told us hearing aids, in his situation, would be of no benefit. consulting with someone that does not have an interest in selling you hearing aids first would be my suggestion.

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    hearing aids

    I had my tonsil cancer treated in 2007, and was wearing hearing aids by march 2008.  My hearing loss is moderate to severe in both hears...from the cisplatin.

    Mine have been helpful and I wear them regularly.  I do recommend them.

    My surgeon recommended an audiologist in another ENTs office.  Prices were good.  And, I go for tune-ups and replacement tubes for no cost.

    Don't get cheep - not worth it.  I lasted one week in them.

    Battery life is important.  Ones tha use size 13 seem to last 10-14 days. 

    To get the comparable Widex hearing aids I have now, they would be $1800 a piece.  The were $2000 each in 2008.  The cheap ones were $1000 each.

    Mine are programable, but after six years now, the contacts have worn off.  And the batteries only last a week.

    As for batteries, there are great prices at Costco and through amazon.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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