Third hospital stay in 5 weeks. Ugh

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We ae back in the hopital again.  The same old story, my **** stopped functioning/  We at least have a plan now!  One would think we should have goten a good diagnosis the first time, but no.  We now have a diagnosis, and a plan to follow through.  My colon became blocked, my pain increased, and so did the pain meds.  The pain mads caused dehydration and a blockage from dried fecal matter.  A few eminas and many trips to the bathroom, I seem to be getting better. 


On the positive, My tumors have shrank.  My CEA is 2.4!  My mets seem still to be mets and not tumors.  I have had a spot on the lung and it has gotten smaler over time.


We are getting to know the nurses now.  lol  When we walk around the hospital, we get stopped and they say Hi.  We are still asking for our frequent miles club card.  You know, ou get a free night after so many visits. 


We will be here until Monday, and hopefully have a lot of this resolved by then.



Best Always,  mike


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    Sounds like you will be home for thanksgiving.!!!  Best of juck to you!

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    Hey Mike,

    I have had problems with major constipation since my rectal cancer surgery a year ago. My stool is like the goat's, little pebbles. So I decided to clean the pipes twice a week with milk of magnesia. I dont feel the cramps and the bloating that much anymore. I am at the 4 days interwalls now, but it could be a little too frequent, because I have less and less coming out. So I may do it like every 5 days or so.

    I wish you guys a quick resolution to this and I know once you figure it out with diet and maybe meds you will be ok. Thanks god your mets are stable.

    Are you on chemo at all?


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    I am so sorry that you are

    I am so sorry that you are back in the hospital but am glad to hear about you CEA and stable/shrinking mets.

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    So sorry to hear you are back

    So sorry to hear you are back in the hospital .. but this is very good news!  You will be out of there in no time and sounds like feeling better for the Holiday!  

    You must feel very relieved to get this plan in motion so to speak! LOL (ok, enough of my humor) 

    Nice to hear that CEA is down!!!!! Laughing

    sending my best to you!

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    What on earth are they doing?

    You have Cancer, why are they piddling about these past months? 

    I am so glad that you are all sorted, and very happy to know you will be home for Thanksgiving. I hope you have the energy and health to enjoy every moment. 

    CEA of 2.4 if truly wonderful. That alone must lift your heart. 

    I love the asterisks. I have no doubt the word you used was quite normal, but it seems this site deletes random words. 

    Happy Thanksgiving week, Mike!

    Sue - Trubrit

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    Gosh, Mike, you've really been through an awful lot

    but I'm glad they are getting things figured out for you.  I went through a couple of years where I got on first name basis with the hospital staff.  It sucks.  But sometimes it's just where we have to be to get sorted out.  I'll be thinking of you on Monday, and hoping that you are heading home.

    And good news on things staying stable...congrats!

    Big hugs~AA

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    G'day again Mike

       I may not have to deal with cancer anymore but once they have disrupted your colon covering membrane you are prone to problems. Last week I had a battle again with opiate induced constipation. By now I am well and truly aware that opiates shut down the colon motility and I need to reastart it. Every day wehn I take my targin tablet I also take two dulcolax and two to three coloxyl and I am ok... WRONG. sometimes we forget earlier experience. We had a heatwave last week. when we have a heatwave I sweat profusely. When I sweat profusely I MUST remember to stop taking my diuretic. I too was dehydrated. I don't go to er I have a box of microlax enemas. I solved the problem , stopped the diuretics . I am still off them and won't restart till the temps get under 35c and I take a sachet of movicol an hour before I eat and I hyfdrate by drinking lots and lots of water. Hope you can work out a regime to survive on. I actually keep a diary now and it helps, thinking of you, ron.

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    AWSOME News

    We are Glad to hear they found the problem.  Same old question,  how much fiber is to much, and how much to little when dealing with Colon Cancer

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    Really sorry to hear about your recent medical misadventures.  I truly hope they get it right this time.  Great news about the Mets and that they are not tumors.

    I know you will be glad to get out of the hospital and home for the holiday.

    Best regards,


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    So sorry that you are going through all of this and glad you have a plan.  Awesome that CEA is lower and things seem to be going in the right direction.  If you get home on Monday at least on Thanksgiving you will have something to be very thankful about.  Hope you come home soon and you feel better.