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It is close to Thanksgiving, and I have a lot (a lot, have you ever really thought about that term, I mean really, a lot, what is that....; what is a "lot" anyway?)to be thankful for.  First and foremost, I am just happy to be here, and then, I am a surthriver, having been here 14 and change years past my final pre-bigsurgery normally eaten meal (spicy blackened grouper topped with a delightful mango chutney, along with rice pilaf and steamed buttery broccoli, plus of course luscious Margarita libations) of 9/19/00, and I am so back on the horse (sometimes literally) again.  It has been a challenging journey with many ups and downs.  I've been incredibly fortunate to be able to have gone back to work after 3 months; eventually get back to running (a marathon with a peg tube), weight lifting (even with only one pec in the normal position), hiking, camping, and even surfing with a peg tube (until becoming a larylngectomee, but I'm working on a solution to safely get back on the waves), as well as all kinds of other activities that I love to do, but wondered early on whether I would ever be able to do them again.   


I am so thankful for my family and friends who have been tremendously supportive all of the way and who have helped me thru the rough times and celebrate with me during these great times.


I am very thankful for having a positive and problem solving attitude, which are essential for developing/creating a new normal, and have been instrumental in getting to this place of surthriving.  Gotta peg tube, wanna surf, where's the duct tape?  Again, make no mistake, this journey has been very very challenging, frustrating, and disheartening at times.  My mantra is and always has been, "I Can Do This," sometimes one day, hour, minute, second, or nanosecond at a time.  Sometimes it's been 3 steps forward, and 2 steps back, but always in one way or another always mov'in forward; I always, Keep It Mov'in Forward. 


When I was diagnosed, I had no idea of how far I would get, I just figured that I will do the best that I can as long as I can, one, well you know, so that brings me back to "I'm just happy to be here."  I share these few, and admittedly too wordy, thoughts about my journey to hopefully encourage all of my fellow CSN sisters and brothers at all places in your journey that life can get better, and you can be a surthriver too.  Just remember two things:  You Can Do This, and Keep It Mov'in Forward!


I wish for you all, the best outcomes on your journeys to get to SURTHRIVING!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING, AND LOVE TO YOU.   




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    I love your attitude and I absolutely love your new word--Surthriving!  Enjoy each day.

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    So very well put Patrick - SURTHRIVING

    That was so well put. I too am thankful every day I wake up, when so many did not believe I would make it. I'm thankful I had the attitude to fight and win this round, and learning a new word....NED. Thankful for all the support from my wife who did believe in me, and my very loving son that had hope and was there for me. Thankfull to my brother who for the first time in my life said he was proud of me, and has become very close because of this. I am thankfull to everyone on CSN for the support and kind words when I was down, you all gave me the strength to be a survivor. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a better tomorrow always.

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    Thanks is so true!


    You are so much more than a Vita-Mix (lol).  Your enthusiasm is contagious and valuable commodity within the H&N crowd. 

    Keep moving forward buddy.


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    CivilMatt said:

    Thanks is so true!


    You are so much more than a Vita-Mix (lol).  Your enthusiasm is contagious and valuable commodity within the H&N crowd. 

    Keep moving forward buddy.



    You are an inspiration mate!

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    Guzzle said:


    You are an inspiration mate!

    Well stated

    Blessings this Thanksgiving to each of you

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    i'm very thankful as well for

    i'm very thankful as well for so much.  may God bless each of you.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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    Patrick you are an

    Patrick you are an inspiration for me and many others on this group. God bless you.

    I thank God for all of you and all the caregivers who struggle with us too.

    Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends.