Survivor of Esophageal and Lung questions

My Husband was initially diagnosed in Nov. 2007 with Stage 3 esoph. cancer, no mets. Chemo and radiation then surgery. Removed his esophagus and replaced with a portion of his colon. This had its own problems, then 1.5 yrs later new cancer diagnosis of upper right lobe lung cancer stage 2. This was removed through a lobectomy. Now early 2014 new lower right lung cancer, had SRS procedure and it did not work. Life sucks, went from 240 down to 165 and now down to 140 lbs..still losing weight. Always winded and tired, sick, no appetite. Anyone else have this type situation. What else could happen? At age 67 with a new life and 2 small children ages 7 and 10 watching their daddy be sick all the time..I am just looking if anyone else is headed down the same road as us? Feeling defeated!


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    Sorry to hear about your husband

    So sorry to hear about your husband, but yes we are going down the same road.  My husband was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in July 2010.  He underwent radiation, chemo and then in March 2011 he had a complete laryngectomy, partial neck dissection and throat reconstruction.  We thought everything was going good and he decided to have a TEP (to help him talk again) done in May 2012 but our specialist came out and told me no go because he found a tumor at the cervical of his esophagus which was cancer.  He called it a second primary and ruled out surgery.  More radiation and chemo.  Then in January 2013, we found out that the tumor was back at the cervical of his esophagus and that he had small nodules in his right lung which after biopsy was cancer.  Only thing offer was chemo and my husband said no more.  He is still fighting today.  Has been on a feeding tube since May 2012 because he can't swallow and has gone from using 6 cans of his forumla to 3 cans a day.  His weight is down to 122 lbs and he is 6'4" and I wonder how much long can this go on.  He has lived longer than expected.  He has been on in-home hospice since September 2013 and at times I thought of taking him off but not now.

    Our children are grown but of no help whatsoever and that goes for grown grandchildren.  I feel very defeated and depressed while watching a once very active man who loved to go camping and loved to keep our yard looking great to sleeping the majority of the day away.  Only thing I can say is thankfully he is not in much pain.  I hate seeing him cry and being afraid and I don't let him see me cry and being afraid.  I think I will be alone and that is something I have never been since I married right out of high school and we have been married a very long time.  

    You are not alone.  It is a hard path and I wish you and your husband the very best, peace and comfort.