Simpson hemp oil?


Please let me know if any of you have used simpson hemp oil.  Thank you for your help.  Good luck my friends.


  • Cobbins
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    Sorry that you find yourself here

    My dad was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer with mets to liver, he started chemo of xeloda, cisplatin and herceptin and is also using the oil, half way through treatment at the moment and tumours are shrinking, we don't know what has made it shrink but the oil didn't hurt, it has helped with sleep, pain and appetite. My mam was diagnosed with lung cancer with mets to brain (shortly after my dads diagnosis) the tumour has been removed from the brain but she hasn't started any other treatments yet, she will be getting a PET scan in the next two weeks so if the tumour in the lung has reduced I will keep you posted, but again the oil has helped with sleep and appetite. i hope this helps somewhat.