With sore throat comes a very croaky voice.


It has been approximately 13 weeks since treatment. I know I will still have this sore throat for a while longer. But sometimes my voice gets very very croaky and some days I can hardly talk, almost as if I have a bad cold.

Is this normal ? I totally forgot to ask my drs this last week. They seem very happy with my progress just wondering about this very croaky voice ?





  • Grandmax4
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    and at tmes, my voice still is croaky..I love when I answer the phone and the other end asks, is your wife available? Just part of my abi-normal

  • wmc
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    Straining your vocal cords

    Your throat has been through a lot and some times you can strain your vocal cords. When you start to get that way try not to talk much or at least at a low volume. You should keep hydrated. I don't mean to drink an 8oz glass of water, but to sip some every five min. or so. Keep it from drying out. My vocal cords were removed and I get the folds in my throat to vibrate so I can talk. If I talk very long without drinking something it is like I strained my vocal cords and hard to talk. But I don't have vocal cords, so what happened is my throat got dry and the effect is the same. I had to not talk for a few hours then it slowly got better. Now I make sure if i'm talking to keep my throat lubricated. I hope this might help you as well.


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    still croaking after all these years


    Croaking is normal (in most cases).


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    thanks everyone

    Thanks everyone, was worried that it was another new issue.


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    Best warning my doctor gave me - "You are going to have a sore throat for the rest of your life..."  It's kept me from fretting about it.  I still get vocal fatigue if I talk too much during the day.  Sometimes I am croaky, sometimes I still speak at only a whisper, sometimes I have a normal voice.  Its always an adventure.