SNUC.... Half way through treatment

I'm being treated at the UC Barrett Center.  Have not been able to find anyone else with SNUC.  I feel positive with my traetment plan, but it would be nice to find some one who has survived this cancer to talk to.


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    there have only been a few

    people with snuc through this site, and none that post here regularly.  As you've said, this is a very rare tumor.  It's treatment, though, is quite similar to the run  of the mill scc that most of us have.  That is to say surgery, and a combination of chemo/radiation.   In fact treatments are similar enough you would benefit from continued interaction here for that reason alone.  And you never know, somebody else may stop by who also has snuc.


    best to you



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    Tina, are you in Cincinnati? 

    Tina, are you in Cincinnati?  i also go to uc barrett center.  I had larynx cancer.  I hope you find the answers you need about your cancer.  I don't even know what those letters stand for.  praying for all to go well for you.

    God bless you,


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    Cincy is where I live :0)

    Yes, we live in the suburbs on Cincy.  We are on the north west side.  I'm sorry, SNUC stands for, Sinonasal Nasul Undifferentiated Carcinoma. I apperently is rare aggressive form of cancer.  There is not much information about it.  I reached out on the forum to hopefully find a person you has survived.  My docs really advised me not to goggle.  But you find yourself with time on your hands and questions you want answered.  I hope you are now in recovery mode.  I have learen that these journey we are called to be one are unique and precious.  I praying to be on the other side one day to share my story and help others :0)