New here, questions about ovc

Hello, I'm new here. 

Is there anyone out there who has been to Princess Margret Hospital? If so what should I expect from them? 

I don't know if I have cancer but I am concerned. My mom had it and so did her mom. 

I am 46 postmenopausal. Have 3 cm complex cyst, and several sm simple one. Regular gyno did ca 125 and it's 75. Pain is increasing in my back, left side, but I'm starting to feel pain in my right side now. I feel tired all the time. Bloated, and have gained weight. Edema in legs. Nauseous (mainly in the evening). Slight incontenence. 

Am I scared, but then perhaps i'm just being too over the top because of my family history. 

I have read that they won't do surgery unless they actually see a tumor and it has to be more then 5cm. But what if it is cancer and they wait for it to grow? Can they not just go in there and check to make sure it's not? 

Thoughts? Please. 




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    Hi, Magic

    We have a couple ladies with experience with that facility.  Alexandra posts regularly so I'm sure she'll be here soon.  Keep your chin up.

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    Welcome to CSN themagicpumpkinqueen

    I replied to you via PM. Give me a call.