Liver Cancer, Ascites and mental incompetence

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My father was diagnosed with Liver Cancer almost a year ago, along with Cirrhosis and Hep C. He has taken Nexavar for several months and has done 6 Chemobilization treatments. My main questions are: IS there anything to help him with his Ascites? He has major swelling in belly and legs/feet. He gets drained once a week but still has back and abdominal pain.

ALSO I would almost say he has dementia! Anyone know what thats about? I have to explain to him over and over again how to do something simple like use the microwave. He is only 56 and use to do Handyman work, Jack of all trades :) Can someone please explain to me whats going on with him? He does take pain meds as well but I dont think thats what his mind problems are coming though. PLEASE HELP?!