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Looking to find someone who is also going through this right now or has recently. Can anyone direct me to a chatroom or somewhere to make this connection?

Don't really want to go to a " local support group" just looking to become friends possibly on this site. Last month I was told I had Thyroid cancer, 20 days later it was removed, one side was larger than a lemon  in size =( Now I am struggling with getting to an endrocrinologist and the genral medication they started me on continues to make me feel like crap. I have no clue if this is normal or if its something to be addressed.


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    There is a message board at

    There is a message board at Inspire that I like


    It's much more active than the thyroid cancer board here.

    My DH was diagnosed with thyroid cancer this summer. 

    I've done a lot of research and have found that while treatment is generally straightforward, within that there are a number of different paths that can be followed. Different institutions may choose different ways of delivering the same basic treatment. 

    The hormone replacement that you get after thyroid removal typically needs to be adjusted until they get it right. My DH is in the middle of this...he gets a blood test evey 6 weeks, trying to get TSH down so his Synthroid is being increased.

    I have read a lot about people not feeling well after the surgery. My DH has not experienced this, I'm sorry you are. The folks at Inspire post about this quite a bit. If you join and post they will let you know how they coped.