eating disorder. Last treatment July 2012. Teeth breaking off at gums. Throat feels like its closing

Throat cancer


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    Throat cancer

    Is it normal for me to be still having problems after 2 yrs. still no saliva glands

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    2 years later


    We are all affected by the treatment differently. Some of us can go right back to work right after treatment while others take years to heal. I also have problems with my teeth but I am 12 years passed my first treatment and can’t open my Jaw to see a dentists. On the saliva it takes a very long time for it come back, I had to use Stoppers 4 at night for many years. I am ok now as 60% of my saliva glands are working but that took many many years.


    Tim Hondo

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    i suggest you call your doc

    i suggest you call your doc and mention all this to him.  it may be normal but its always better safe than sorry.  praying for you.

    God bless you,