piost chemo bowel function still kind of slow - not really constipated post chemo

Susan P
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Hi Gals b1 yr from debulking  & 6 mos from chemo feels like my bowel pattern is not optimal   still take docusate  -- maybe just don't have my fiber &qwater where they should be  any one else disappointed  & feeling although things aren't bad - still not  as I think it should be


& where else could Io ask that question?


Tks  Susan P from Alberta Canada & TX & WY


  • Vickierph
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    A. Product called Miralax

    A. Product called Miralax here in the states works well for constipation. As a pharmacist I see every one from the elderly in nursing homes, to Cancer patients, to post surgical patients take it. It is not a fiber, but you mix it with water. It is safe for long term use once a day or as you need it. I no longer have a colon due to a total colectomy 13 yrs ago for ulcerative colitis, but i sure have dispensed a lot of it over the years. Just thought I would give you an idea if the docusate isn't working. vickie