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Hi just about to start radiotherapy 6 weeks 50 grays any idea what the worst sideffects will be had an adenoid cystic cancer in the paritod gland. This seems a smaller dose will it change the sideffects harshness. 




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    Hi SS....and welcome to the group....

    Rads bring with them a host of side effects, but not every body gets all of them.....the common ones are dry mouth and lack of taste...seems everyone gets those. 

    The super thread is the first thread on the front page....it answers many many questions.....Stick close to this group and we'll hold your hand all the way through treatment.

    http://csn.cancer.org/node/261072    (this is the superthread)


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    It will absolutely change

    the amount and severity of side effects.  Below about 56Gy severe side effects are very uncommon.  Best of luck to you.



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    Welcome to the CSN

    Welcome to the group and sorry you need to be here. Everyone is just a little differant and wont get all the side effects. I never needed radiation or chemo, just surgery so I will let the others advise on that. It is a bumpy road to go down but you can do it as so many others have. If you are scared or just need to vent, it does help writting it down sometimes. We have been there and do understand what you are going through. Stay positive


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    Hey slimsally,

    I went under radiation and chemotherapy treatment back in 2010 and finished in 2011. It is true that everyone has different side effects that they face during the radiation treatments. Based on my experience and my opinion from going through it, I realized the first week is not bad and you won't notice as much but as the weeks go on especially in week 2 and 3 you will start noticing that you have a dry mouth often and you will start to lose your taste bud senses when you eat, your food will not taste the same no more. When week 3 came along I started noticing alot of hair loss where ever the radiation is focusing such as your facial hair or hair on your head. Where ever the radiation focuses it will make you lose your hair, but after 1 year i started noticing very slow hair growth coming back, not as strong thick hair I use to have but it did start coming back slowly. Now Its 2015 and i had my final treatment in 2011 alot of my facial hair has come back but not as thick as before or not all of it either. You will also start to notice that is going to be harder to swallow food, and if your oncologist reccomends for you to get a PEG tub inserted then you should definitly think about it. I did agree to the PEG tube and it did help me alot because at a point I was not able to swallow food neither swallow liquid no more and taking my meds was getting harder. So, I decided to go with the PEG tube and it helped alot with trying to fight to maintain my weight as much as I could and also helped me alot to take my meds since I was not able to swallow no more. I hope I have helped answer your questions and I wish you the best of luck my friend YOU WILL WIN! STAY STRONG AND FIGHT YOUR WAY THROUGH THAT BATTLEFIELD SOLDIER! Smile

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    wow, from what Pat says you

    wow, from what Pat says you may be very lucky and have no or at least not too serious side affects! that's wonderful.  praying for smooth sailing for you.

    God bless you,