Partial nephreactomy

I had the top half of a double kindey removed in June 2013. My dr follows up with chest x ray and sonogram, blood work every 6 months. He says we should do this for three years. It was stage two and required no further treatment after surgery, per dr.

In June of 2014 when I had sonogram and kidney function testing they found that the left kidney which was operated on at the top was no longer to be seen.  The dr says it just shrivels up and dies. So I have one good kidney left. 

My concern is that I have never smoked or only had a occasional alcohol drink. I would like to know a diet to keep the one kidney healthy and happy. Thank you.


  • Ruthie, here is a link from

    Ruthie, here is a link from, that offers a lot of information.  I would also ask your doctor.  The hospital you went to for your surgery may also have some information on line.



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    Hi Ruthie, I am glad to hear you have your op behind you and making plans to stay healthy and healing well. I have never heard of the kidney shrivelling up after the op before, but we all need to treat our kidneys with care now don't we? I have leaned more toward pescatarian diet. I eat lots of veg and fish, I do have chicken or turkey occasionally and red meat rarely. I do a lot of juicing and drink plenty of water, I don't drink unless it's a celebration then just a small glass. I try to buy all organic its not always easy but doable.


    Take care:)


    Djinnie x

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    A science-based approach to diet

    Hi Ruthie,

    If your remaining kidney is healthy the kind of diet you might want is one that minimizes the risk of new metastases and may help whatever targeted therapy you follow to work more efficiently and with less side effects.

    That is what I have extensively researched.  My approach is to evaluate all diets in terms of what effect they might have on healthy cell metabolism, cell structure, and cell function based on the latest credible peer-reviewed scientific research. If you are interested, send me an email at:

    [email protected]

    and I will reply with my guide to nutrition attached.  It is a 60+ page .pdf file so it needs to be sent as an attachment to an email.

    Best wishes,