What Happens at First Oncologist Visit??

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Scheduled for an hour with oncologist.  Taking my records with me.  What was your experience on that first visit?  Thanks Maggie


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    I can barely remember! I

    I can barely remember! I first went on the day I was diagnosed right after I talked to the surgeon and I could hardly take it all in. Make sure you take notes and ask them to repeat anything you don't understand. You seem to have a very positive attitude..good luck. Keep us posted. Hugs, Anna

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    I am trying to remember, but

    I am trying to remember, but it seems that mine went over the pathology reports with me and then spelled out the "plan of attack."  This also was when I was told I would have to do chemo, in addition to radiation -- not just radiaton because of the surgery turning up more of a problem that first thought.

    The decision was mine to make, but seeing the stats,  the more I did, the better my chances at  longer-term survival.  I also was set up for a few tests, like a bone scan and bone density test.  I also had a CT scan.  I also had the referral back to my surgeon for insertion of a port.  The last thing was the date I would start chemo.  Busy time.

    I was disappointed about having to do chemo, but I had decided I was going at this disease aggressively.

    I am now two years clean and hope for many more.

    You'll do fine.  It does take some time to process what you are told.  I took my husband along to be sure we both knew the plan.

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    oncology meeting

    The first meeting with my MO after surgery she did a physical exam, including a breast exam, checked out my incisions, told me that tumor had been sent for oncotype testing and that if my score was high I'd need chemo, but didn't specify what hi meant. I learned on my own through the local support group that high meant 30.

    So when I went for the next appointment and she pulled the graph out of the folder and I saw the big 27 written at the top, I knew I'd be needing chemo. She went over the graph and explained how having chemo, radiation, and arimidex would change my reoccurrence rate.

    She went over with me what chemo drugs she'd be using, how often I'd be coming in, what the common side effects were, set me up with the 1 hour chemo class that they offer, ordered baseline blood work, and gave me scripts for my antinausea meds with instructions of how to take them and to call her if they didn't work. She set up the appointment for having my port placed.

    My head was spinning with all the new information and I was really glad I'd recorded the session to review later. I record all my Dr appointments with the voice memo app on my iPod, Dr's have all been agreeable with my doing that. I'd also recommend having a second person with you to also listen and take notes.

    Have your questions all written down, starting with what you most want to know.

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    sorry to say I really don't

    sorry to say I really don't remember..much of it was a blurr...i took hubby and friend as extra ears due to i knew it would be a blur. IF YOU have someone to tag along I suggest that.