AML/ALL and Fibromyalgia

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I was diagnosed with ALL/AML in 1995 when I was 19 years old. I received chemo, full body radiation, multiple lumbar punctures infusing chemo and bonemarrow biopsies I also received a bonemarrow transplant from a unrelated doner and I have been in remission for 20 years. Thru out my life I have been also diagnosed with cervical cancer, gallbladder diseases, kidney stones, tinnitus, hearing loss, hair loss, loss of balance,  cateracts, astigmatism, insomnia  and non cancerous colon polyps which I've been having issues with for the past 7 years since I'm high risk for cancer  I have to get a colonoscopy every year and each time I do, there's 2 to 3 polyps that get removed. Over the years of nothing but trials through out my life, I have been able to stay strong and I try to stay positive until recently probably the last 5 years I have been very fatigued and my joints and muscles have been in constant pain some days better than others, I can't sleep, my social life has been in termoI, I have no energy, feel depressed all the time, my head is always cloudy, my ears constantly ring and I feel dizzy most of the time. I feel like I am 80 years old and I'm not even 40 yet. I haven't been able to work for about 5 years due to all of this. I have talked to a few people that has said that it maybe possible the symptoms that I am having is fibromyalgia and that it could be related to all the nerve damage from all the treatments that I received when I was being treated for leukemia. I know there has been more research on leukemia then there was when I was diagnosed and I was wondering if this might be one of the long term effects that happens years later after treatment? Also I was wondering if anyone knows much about it?  I Have talked to a few doctors and they have said that it's not well know and they don't treat fibromyalgia. Does anyone have any advise or information that could help because I am tired and I just want to live the rest if my life without pain?